October 8, 2019

What is ARPU?

Average Revenue Per User is a measurement of profit in terms of customers. This measurement is the most relevant as it provides a way to track revenue growth as a result of marketing.

What are the ways to increase ARPU?

To increase overall ARPU of your campaign(s), you can try a few things:

- Add more value to your campaigns e.g. new content, latest content

- Adjust Pricing e.g. try a lower price point at call to action

- Up-sell e.g. add more services on top of their current subscription

- Cross-sell e.g. partner with other similar or related services

- Introduce bundles e.g. more content, more discount


Customer lifetime value helps you make important marketing decisions and focus on other parts of the business such as:

- How much should I spend to acquire a customer?

- How much should I spend to retain a customer?

- How can I promote services to high value customers?

Reduce Churn

By understanding your customer’s engagement and opt-in, you can try to fix the problems that are under your control to prevent and reduce churn. Churn analytics may result in a new product or price points changes and campaign changes.