November 19, 2019

What features to look for in card processing for VAS?

If you have experience in Mobile VAS services or have looked at card payments for your customers previously, it may never have worked due to refunds or working with a provider that offers limited payment page design or integration customisation for your website or advertising. Or it could be that you assumed it would not work due to the type of services you are advertising.

Ellastic's own payment product, enables VAS providers full customisation and flexibility with regards to brand and service setup. We know during the first weeks of service launch advertisers are going to fine tune advertising, so we work with you on this providing flexibility as you scale.

The most popular options for integration are iframe or microsite.

Alternatively, the iframe can attempt to re-navigate the host page when the transaction is complete but that has some browser dependency for success (not the browser version but on some browsers this control of a host page by an iframe is frowned upon). With the microsite you simply hand the customer over to our page and then, when we have finished with the user, we hand them back to a page on the advertisers side (you tell us what page to hand customers back to in the request that starts the transaction via our API –  SuccessURL and FailureURL parameters).

Reasons to use Ellastic Pay for your card payments:

- Good rates

- Tech support

- Full consultation on the services you are providing

- Full design and landing page feedback

- Flexible API, with multiple integration options

Now is the time to review your payment options and consider adding card payments to your advertising channels.