September 9, 2019

Choosing a market for Mobile VAS subscription services

How to choose a market for Mobile VAS services may seem quite straightforward. Lets take a look at what you should look at when choosing a market to launch your VAS subscription services.

Does the market have high ARPU?

Often overlooked, its critical to know if the markets you are intending to launch in supports high ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). ARPU is a key measure of performance as it measures how long the users stay subscribed for before un-subscribing (opting out). With Premium SMS or DCB its a straightforward process to opt out, by emailing or messaging STOP to the relevant service subscribed to. For credit card users simply need to cancel on the service, typically website, they subscribed to.

ARPU enables advertisers to measure the true performance of a campaign while projecting overall success.

ARPU is also dependent on the market advertisers are promoting their campaigns and the type of billing they are using. Each market is different, across price points, spending limits and opt-in type.

Some key points for choosing a market include:


- Price points

- Content allowed in the market

- Churn rate (where known)

- Opt-in type

- Billing type

- Opt-out type

When choosing a market, its important to consider these factors as these will ultimately have a direct impact on success of campaigns.

Marketing and Testing

Setting realistic budgets once tested the ROI in a market is the next step on launching a successful campaign. Having a goal, how many subscribers to opt-in per day, week and month is important to measure ROI.

Ellastic enables advertisers to measure and visualise all of the above metrics from our consolidated platform. Billing Vs Metrics.